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I watched it yesterday because Michael Fassbender, Rose Byrne, and James MacAvoy seemed like a pretty and respectable cast. I didn't expect much. THEN MY MIND WAS BLOWN.

"What do you know about me?"

The Erik (Magneto) and Xavier relationship in this just blew my mind... it is hard to explain, but it's like Chloe and Davis's scenes from Prey and all the Clex moments(back when Smallville was not...you know, the most atrocious thing to ever spork our eyes...) GOT TOGETHER AND HAD BABIES.

Suffice to say that the movie was deliciously eyesexy and reaffirming, and the ultimate pain in the ending was not brought on by the writer's compulsive tendency to assassinate characters.  It was just there, and it hurt and it never for a moment made you doubt that both men loved eachother even though they ended up on different sides. And it made me want to write some ficlets to put out there with my chlavis ones.

Have you watched x-men first class yet?


So Erik and Charles...

Are secretly married.
Are openly pining for eachother
Are just platonic friends :|

Should I write fic?

No! Get back to Chlavis you lazy goose.
Is there sex?


Jun. 8th, 2011 12:46 am (UTC)
I think this post would make Sam Witwer cry - but it would be sexy crying; I'm torn.
I voted for you to write Chlavis because I am greedy and a little bit mean. I haven't seen the movie yet, but I've read the comics enough to say Erik and Charles can sometimes be the hottest, most sincere relationship that never happened in X-Men history.

But I would say latetothepartyhp is right about the UST being more on Erik's side. Charles grew up rich, intelligent and was actually something of a playboy jetsetter until he was paralyzed. He didn't have the same need for belonging and acceptance as Erik. I do see the appeal and the legitimacy of X/Magneto pairings, especially with the casting of the current movie.

(In some of the many incarnations of comic history he also has a girlfriend and son. Marvel changes things all the time, I see no reason why it can't be that Erik and Charles get together as more than friends in some storyline, though it would probably be in the past as opposed to the 'present.' It's been the same decade in X-Men since the mid-1960s, so time is pretty mutable to begin with. Comics are crazytown even when the story arc is straightforward. )
Jun. 14th, 2011 04:38 am (UTC)
Davis is crying again. He is also naked. YOU FIEND.
I HAVE NOT READ THESE COMICS. THEY SOUND LIKE A SOURCE FOR MUCH LOVE AND DELICIOUSNESS. But yet, can pictures describe the animal magnetism rolling off of our dear Erik. I cannot say. THE WAVES so huge that I would encourage Davis to hit that because they are both extremely pretty. Also, they have huge woobie hearts with SINGLEMINDED EPIC LOVE and adopting and lovey puppyhood all over them...and... *ahem* HOT.

Back to my point which was. STOP MAKING ME AGREE WITH YOU SO MUCH. POOR ERIK. latetothepartyhp mentioned the gun scene in here, and Erik repeatedly makes these needy little advances which completely go over Charles's head. IT MAKES ME VERY SAD. BUT! CHARLES! YOU MUST LOVE HIIIMMMMM. HE HAS GROOVY MUTATIONS.

I always had the impression that Erik and Charles were THE couple in the comics, from all the fic I've read even from the latter movies. FIC IS MY CANON. I was really shocked to see they weren't but then again, sixties, you could get censored if you wore a pink bow.

But then again...Erik... named his son with Mystique. DADADUMMM.... his friend exloverCharles. Yeah, Freud would have a field trip. And their baby carriers kinda were conspicuously absent most of the time. So... CLEARLY...

(I still am of the Sir Ian McKellan school of thinking that they could have done a whole lot more with the mutant/gay rights parallels if they had at least one scene to make out in. I was convinced it was gonna happen a few times. Actually.)

back to my point, you wicked person you, I decided to do CHlavis first because you bullied me so nicely. It'll give me some time to think on Erik's epic manpain, because I'm kidding myself if I think i'll hold out on ever writing them.

So, I'm caught between plastique or beast or preyfic right now. There may be smut in both, any preference?
Jun. 15th, 2011 12:59 am (UTC)
YAY! Bullying does pay off!
Ooh, hard choices. In Plastique we have the very sexy first meeting and then the also very sexy desk!helping. We have eye fornication so hard I fear Chloe might have developed astigmatism. It's okay, you can just get contacts for that now! No problem!

Beast is all subtexty with the drama and the lighting being simultaneously intimate and ominous.

But Prey! Prey is between the electric first meeting and the things getting in the way! Prey is pretty much an hour-long celebration of Chloe ignoring Clark's paranoid alien needs for Davis' paranoid (alien) needs!

I acknowledge how petty this is, but the one thing I did like about Jimmy is that he seemed to understand Clark did not deserve to be the most important man in Chloe's life. So when hot, available, very-very-pettably-interested Davis showed up, and Chloe liked him back, I got seven wishes at once. Add a murder who-dunnit and Chloe investigating to clear Davis' name - not a trace of any kind of hesitation - and Chloe putting her hands on her hips and telling Clark to help or butt out of how she spends her time; BEST THING EVER!

I seem to be voting for Prey fic. There's not even any kissing in that one. I appear to be backing the dark horse today. Anyway, yes, Prey!fic! Naked Prey!fic! With smutty thrusting and some other stuff, because I've written you all the vampire Sam Witwer.


Jun. 14th, 2011 04:59 am (UTC)
the curious condurum of flirting actors
(One of the most difficult/Best? things about my erik/charles shipping is the fact that the actors are both sexy, confident men who just happen to flirt with each other all the time. I CAN'T HANNNNDLE IT.)

Sam Witwer, go find Allison Mack. Film...it. HEEELLLLPPPPPP. I am in danger of falling for my slash impulses!

I have so many chlavis wips that I'm dying. Tomorrow I will hide my shakycam XFC and internet connection and glue myself into the chair until I have one fic done.


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