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I was working late last night and brain is all fried to hell... and I have a Biology final coming up next week... and I really want to write Davis/Chloe stuff...
Speaking about Hell, or roommates from hell that is... 
GUYYYYSSSSSSSS!!! Being Human preview trailer thing that we have never seen betfore and man is it awesome. NEW! FOOTAGE! NEW HALF-NAKED FOOTAGE! THE CAST LOOKS SO PREETTYY!!!

There's the US Equivalent of Nina flirting with George! and the Aiden-hovering-protectively-over-Rebecca thing (ie American! Mitchel/Lauren). And Bishop.... PUNCHING AIDEN IN THE FACE. You do NOT DO THAT TO MY BB!

Picspam of squee coming, but lookit! LOOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What are you waiting for? GGGOOOOOO!!!!!
To [info]paraxdisepink , because I blame her for all of this. YAY. I also blame her for the fact that I couldn't just make Davis and Lex get it on, there had to be plot, particularly world-ending plot and daddy issues and pain. So, next time, just tell me if there will be spankings and I'm THERE. 

Clone!Davis/Lex (with background Clark/Lex and Chloe/Davis), 2nd person, Pandora Alt. Reality. As Zod is taking control of earth, Davis becomes Lex's second chance. R/nc-17. Slash.

He knows why Zod made him. “I destroy everything I touch.” You sit beside him. He doesn’t uncoil from where he sits. Your shoulder is close enough to brush his, and he’s warm enough to send a shock through you. “Then get close enough to touch him.”Collapse )
(Next up- finally that half crazy?cannibal Davis/Chloe fic [info]oonaseckar , y/y? )
Little break between classes=Ficficficficfic.
This Being Human Interview (WITH SW and Meaghan Rath and Sam Huntington) was awesome. And this shakycam interview with Sam Witwer!!! AND this new PROMO was also JS!kF%XD great, and not only because Sam Witwer is tastefully naked.
They are all to blame for my lateness with this and obsessing over making Aiden-not! Davis- something like a recovering 'cross between a heroin addict and a sex addict with some murderous aspects'. Potential spoilers for the US versions a la Bishop.

Reporter! Chloe tries to bring down the vampire  hierarchy. Aiden plays the devil on her shoulder. There is sex. And a heady dose of guilt. To nonky  because she made me feel so guilty. Also, to Sam Witwer's left nipple. banana.gif

The fear- that was the worst part.Collapse ) 

Endnotes: So is Aiden crazycakes? I say yes. Never fear, original! vampire Davis is crazier. He ate his mother.


 I know I haven't been the best little poster ever yet but OMYGODYOUGUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *heatstroke*
The first Being Human pics are out. WITH VAMPIRE! DAVIS Aiden.

Not behind cut because there are no spoilers cept that Crashdown/Davis/Aiden still has fabulous arms.

The rest under the cut in case you don't want to venture anywhere near a Crapville site....
Can I hear it for HQ NAO?Collapse )

'still breathing'

I wanted to let you all I'm not dead. (Actually, I'm pretty sure I aced my first biology test.) But chemistry is coming up and... meh... that might kill me! ;P 

My vampire! Davis has been sadly on the back-burner, but I am hoping to high heaven that after this test I will be able to relax a little. for like a week, until I freak out for my next test. ;) So Chloe I can start stalking his fanged, looney-tune self.

I figured I'd post something. That Chloe/Davis Fanmix, you remember? It's one of the few things that makes me happily de-stressed. So...
Up with Lyrics in....3...2...

smallville fic: tracing scars

 Very panicky about the new schedule I'll be having on campus, kind of excited anyway. Back to old fic backlog while I panic about getting In the Blood done on time. Nine days! O-o.

Chloe deals with her memories and having Davis, just Davis, after his split from Doomsdayl. Odd angst. Mentions of violent Chloomy sex. Chloe/Davis. 

The illusion had burned away at the moment; the shell had woken and cried tears of a man.Collapse )
I just installed my Adobe After Effects CS5 copy on my (NNEEWWW) theme-disabled dell. I LOVE IT . Works perfectly. With the rotobrush and the different blending modes and erasers! It's like Adobe Photoshop Elements to the OOOMPH degree.

It also is going to get me quite a ways to my imaginary chlavis sex scenes *ahem*, business promos and shit, new kissage, and if you're lucky...clex. ;) 


smallville fic: flash forward

From my backlog, Drabblet continuation to Petite Morte; Forty years into the future, Chloe fools around in the Watchtower and  Davis...tries not to?

"You do know Lex hasn't gotten it up, yet, right?"Collapse )

If only Vampire Davis was so easy. 

pick a fic, any fic (with insider notes)

It's here. It's here.  Fic list and banners for da vote! I have the drafts of them all in my word processor and I believe that, in any universe Davis would be hot.  So don't let me bias you. :p

Insider: Based on Chocolator's PromptCollapse )
Summary: Chloe's been losing more emotional real estate to Braniac, and when she meets Davis panicked and covered in blood its crystal clear to her what they must do. They take to the road, leaving a bloody swathe cut out of the country side. One blood-soaked interlude has the power to change everything. She feels real with him; he doesn't want to kill anymore. Then there's the matter of what the thing inside him is and how much she can survive.
[PreyWarnings for: Dark Subject Matter; your routine vigilantism, angstangstangst, sexual tension and animalistic S&M sex.]

In the Blood ie vampire! Davis fic
Insider Deets: A 'certain person' (starts with a p, ends with a k) wanted a vampire with some sexual power. I just had to stick with the creepy twists to vampire legend though...so... (mythology details)Collapse )

Summary: On an internship at the Planet, Chloe tracks the exploits of a vigilante killer in the streets of Metropolis and develops a growing fascination for him. She throws herself into a race to find his targets before he does, and by extension him. After a chance encounter, she is drawn further to him, suspecting that his actions may be influenced by a meteor infection of some kind. When she finds her roommate, Bette, insanguinated in the morgue, she throws herself into the challenge of finding the one responsible, no matter who or what.
Without superhero backup for the first time in her life, she is thrown into a fight for her life in Metropolis's underbelly, and discovers she may have a dark, unstable guardian angel at her back.

[Smallville Season Five Alternate Universe. Warnings for Stalking, Staking, Traditional/Creepy Vampire Legend, and...kinky vampire sex? Completely avoidable it that's not your thing- but, you know, it's there.]

The Beast
Insider: All paraxdisepink's fault because she wanted to see beast as we saw it in our heads. Oh look, LEXY! Collapse )

CHLOE GETS DAVIS TO LEAVE TOWN WITH HER - When Davis trusses up a potential thief in Chloe's basement and Chloe's unresolved fantasies about Davis grow more vivid, things hit breaking point. With aid from Dr. Emil Hamilton, Chloe sets up a risky plan to cure Davis's Kryptonian problem away from Smallville. Clark discovers Chloe is protecting him, and the confrontation that has been planned since their arrival to earth starts ticking down. Just when it seems like things have hit rock bottom, Lex comes back to deal with the alien threat.

[Beast; Warnings for 'desecration-of-JorEl's-fortress' sex, manipulation and mayhem; assorted alien conqueror evilness; slash (IT HAS LEX! LEX IS THE SOUL OF SLASH!).]

Which writing thing should I work on next?

Rope Burn (Dirtybadwrong, y/y?)
In the Blood (Vampire!Davis trumps all!)
The Beast (It's 'bout time that fortress got ultimately destroyed...)
I hearby swear, by my aching pocketbook, that I will work on the next fic y'all elect straightaway.

miserly pains

 In case you're wondering why the sad-face, I just bought myself an upgraded upgraded studio 15 from dell. (I'm still aiming for a mac once  I start making money.) With college supplies, costs and a lock for it... Poo poo for me, I have exactly $125.58 left in cash.


Next up, story poll.

...as a bed bug...

 I blocked my first fb crazy the other day. It's a juicy one, story plagiarizing, not any cooler in fan fic. I think I enjoyed doing it a little too much.

This July/August I'm going into writing overload, seeing as it's my last month of freedom from university. I'll need your help. I have my writing projects to a point where I can poll you on which long thing you want next. So that's coming next. ideally I'll be able to finish three and drabble tag. We'll see. XD 

vanity publishing. oh whyyy?

So that whole I write like thing is a front for a Vanity publishing scam, right? I have an idea to get the better of them.

I wish I could write like

Brought to you by Estrogen                        because I'd stay up all night

Click the Banner for Pictographic Evidence. Yeah. 


smallville fic: petit mort

Completely AU s9 fic. Davis gets his freedom back and the first thing he does is start catching Kryptonite bullets in the back. Chloe is less than content. 

She slides her hand to his side, keeping the towel up as he walks to the shower. “I’m fine.” He says stubbornly. He’s probably thinking of her deadline, the idiot.Collapse )

horror! horror!

I see all the cool kids are doing it...

 According to  the fic I just posted

I write like
Chuck Palahniuk

I Write Like by A Publishing Scam, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!

According to the whole of Ricochet...

I write like
Stephen King

I Write Like by A Publishing Scam, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!

YE GODS. That means I totally can't scare myself.

But then it could be worse. I could be James Joyce xxamlaxx ...

Edit: Just to let you know not to try and get published by these people. I smell scam. 

smallville fic: burnt to ash

While I work on vampire Davis.... I still blame paraxdisepink  for everything- so behold Computer Whiz-Davis/Doomsday-Chloe.... (Not as cracky as I wanted it to be... but I might write another after my bijillion writing things..)

When it comes to intimacy, Chloe has some reservations about herniating Davis's spine. 

He was some special kind of guy that didn’t act like she had emasculated him by the fact that she caught cars in her fists- Collapse )

And as far as my mood goes...I am not looking forward to college orientation week. DDDDDDDDDDDD:

smallville fic: ricochet (epilogue)

So, Clark does something he's terrified of doing. Jimmy is Jimmy. Davis confides the 'way' he found to Chloe. Lex thinks he has everything he wants, only for his Braniac infection to begin stripping it from him. Chloe comes up with an extreme plan to keep Davis human. Davis's 'It' is not getting better. Also, Davis and Lex meet and there's a connection. 

It was a calculated risk, but Clark hadn’t been able to kill Lex. He had to have something like a contractual obligation to help Davis.Collapse )

This (lack of an) ending definitely means there will be a sequel. It's set up for Lexiac, vigilante Chlavis, a strangely tortured bromance between Davis and Lex, Clark becoming a 'hero', Clex and Chlavis sexing, and of course, the actual Doomsday that didn't happen in this one. ;P  

vid: fallen (chloe/davis au)

I have the best flist ever. Thanks for being so patient withmy insanity.  (I will reply with all of you and ffflllaaaaiiilll. A vampire with actual sexual magnetism, who woulda thunk it!)

So I bring you the reason I was cheating on my fics and eljay. Blame this!

Follow the cut for the vid.
Beware Pervy Orgasm ViddingCollapse )

Also, Happy Fourth of July, you all. Hope you totally stuffed yourselves with onions and organic burgers and iced tea and cherries like me so you can sympathize with me later. ;P


smallville fic: truth serum

 I know I totally suck . I'm editing the epilogue of Ricochet now, though. And making teasers to my next three fics. you get to choose which is first. ;) A hint, 1) Beast turned inside out with Lex and possibly Chlavis fortress destructo-sex 2) Vigilante vampire Davis being stalked by a tiny blonde reporter 3) Animalistic Chloe/Dooms smut, with angsty plot, struggling vigilante Davis and nuthinonbutacrucifix.

This will totally be me, watching my new show, while  SVs ratings tumble to the depths of Vahalla. MWAH!

Oh right, I come bearing a drabble fic. Chloe tries to find an answer to the psychotic jeweler's question and finds she's engaged, dizzy and at Davis's door. Committed.

He tasted like she supposed a guy would taste after you assaulted him in the middle of the night.Collapse )
It's been confirmed on his site. 
He's Mitchell Aiden the vampire Jesus at least according to Herrick...

This is very very awesome, because Scyfys remake runs at LEAST 13 eps, he's the lead, and OMFG I WAS HOPING FOR THIS YOU GUYS REMEMBER? He's the vampire (non-sparkly and dark at times), he doesn't get light-switched, he has half-naked....scenes.... he works as an orderly... which nonky  might be pleased to know....
I must repeat I loved Being Human Season One. SO darn much.

Also those of you who know Supernatural better than I do, what does it mean to you that Jeremy Carver is writing for the show

Now back to my insane twitter campaign to get AM cast as Lauren. 
Who is in? 
A/N: I got a lol that Aaron Ashmore auditioned for the part of George. Is someone reading my eljay or is life just ironic? 


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