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vid: last one alive (sequel to fallen)

Now I confess the reason I didn't post.
I sequestered myself in a tiny cave to finish this chlavis vid and another aidan x josh/chloe/rebecca thing. The manips for both of them almost killed me. But! Now I'm out of the cave and wilder than ever.

Summary: After his and Chloe's deaths at Tess's hands, Davis wakes up a blank slate without his memories. Tess offers him a deal- to join the Injustice gang where he won't be persecuted for what he is. Committing assassinations with Plastique and parasite, Davis finds himself haunted by memories of a woman he can't completely remember.
During a mission gone wrong, Davis has a vision of Chloe refusing to leave him. He begins to seek out his own death so he can experience more memories of her. Upon discovering that Tess had Chloe killed he turns on her and escapes. Davis fights to remember the person Chloe made him. Tormented by the things that he's done as part of the Injustice gang he realizes he can't live with himself.
As Chloe uses Dr. Fates helmet to track Davis, he runs from what he's done and what he's lost, not realizing that Chloe has survived and is on her own mission- to find him. Can she, before it's too late?

Vid after the jump.

Next on my vidding project list is 1.) Chocolate(Aidan/Josh), 2) Feel (Davis/Aidan being a monster) and 3.) an as of yet untitled Chloe/Davis vidlet.

But right now, I should be doing pronz first huh? PRONZ. Delicious PRONZ. I'll start with finishing that chlavis things I've owed oonaseckar  and nonky  for like ever and go from there. XD MESA BACCCCKKKK.


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Mar. 5th, 2011 08:02 pm (UTC)
I'd given up on the search parties. Actually I was in the hunting lodge getting rat-arsed and lifting a glass to your memory.
Mar. 5th, 2011 09:11 pm (UTC)
Oohhhhh noooo girlie!
I SHALL NEVER ABANDON YOU ALL AGAIN TO BE HAUNTED MY SPOOKY SPIDER PEOPLE IN CAVES. I PROMISE. :p (Unless DavisAidan is supposed to be one of those spooky people that is.)

ALSO Something I saw today made me really think of you....

Chlavis to...chains and sticks may break my bones but chains a whips excite me....
Mar. 5th, 2011 08:21 pm (UTC)
It was magnificent, and even though I knew the source material enough to spot the manipped parts, I certainly didn't see any flaws that gave it away if I hadn't watched the clips in the original form. It must have been a lot of work and it turned out perfectly!

And I also gave up the search party, but my maudlin drinking can now come to a (gradual) end! It's never good to sober up while you're too dry.

I really loved the plot too, and it was very clear with the scenes. There was the recruitment which seemed to serve Davis' need to have some of purpose and reparation for the things he could feel he was responsible for, followed by those haunting visions of a warm and loving woman who seemed more like a dream than someone who would actually love him. But as his nightmares and visions get worse he realizes he has to follow the possible delusions to figure out what it means - because if that woman exists, she might need him to find her! And meanwhile Chloe is looking, too, and nearly dies in the attempt, but her friends keep her going long enough to have our Chlavis reunited!

I have the flu and cannot hop up and down as many times as this requires! I will instead type with much meandering crazy-talk to show you I am very VERY APPRECIATIVE!

(Did I mention the all-caps abuse? There will be some. You might need protective lenses.)
Mar. 6th, 2011 12:37 am (UTC)
Heee! You and I both watch em! It's great to have friends in the cult of Sam Witwer's sexiness. It's the only place to be.
I think we watch all the same things, dexter included. I can't watch Smallville without remarking on how they fail because Davis should be in there....so...yeah... I mostly have to get drunk to vid with that show. BUT WE ALL KNOW DAVIS AND CHLOE ARE IN A COMMITTED IF BONNIE AND CLYDE RELATIONSHIP AND SHAGGING. SO... we only get a little drunk. And I'll come out of my cave now.
girl I love the way you think.

And oh Davis, poor Davis and his manpain. I really think he got into everything on the show with the best intentions and I think if the show knew how to handle it we could have had some massive, dexter-level awesomeness going there. I mean, I think Tess's danger was that she really made what she did sound like it was for a good cause and Davis might have done some killing on people that (he thought) were serial killers and the such but were mostly threats to her, leaving him that much more torn apart and guilty. Basically though, she's trying to protect Clark, and her motives are Lex--good. but...

Davis won't ever forgive her for killing Chloe that one time. Chloe's like...I dunno.. his focal point of everything that is good and true and I think he would go through several attempted and highly unsuccessful suicides to be reunited with her. This vid was originally supposed to have more in there...but... yeah, I wanted more Chlavis. My next chlavis vid, i intend to have less plot and more pronz though. maybe. hopefully. hee.

As for your cold, I hope Davis or Aidan will come by shirtless and with some warm cookies. If it's Aidan, you can watch him have a tea bath.... (Then you won't have to worry that much about your poor mortal neck. maaybbbbeeee.)
Mar. 6th, 2011 01:57 am (UTC)
I didn't give up. I figured you were either getting drunk or rewinding some BH parts and that next time sW took his clothes off, you'd come back to squee about it. When you were ready, and composed. Hah.

That's some effing brillers manipping. Unfortunately, my only intelligent comments to your vids are, "Damn, he's fine!" because your vids have a way of accentuating that fact. So yeah. I always like how Tess makes an appearance, because she's a naughty, naughty, mama. And is that the end of "Crusade" "Chloe's still alive?" Awesome. I love the special effects and the, erm, storyling improvements. It makes me believe in rainbows and puppies and Chlavis and sexy stuff. So yay.
Mar. 9th, 2011 05:27 am (UTC)
MEEE? GETTING DRrrruunkkkkk. I have no idea what you mean. ;p
hehe on this show I think its more of news if SW does not take off his clothes or wear leather. RAWR. You won't hear me complaining.

One problem I have on my episode reactions is making them short enough. And I feel I should do one reaction from every ep. Which means I am way behind. Next time I am going to right some half comprehensible commentary on every time Aidan touches Josh or vice-versa.

hehe. I love your comments to my vids because damn, he IS fine.
It's totally then end of crusade. I also stole the gravestone LoLo was sitting in front of. ]:) Mwah!

Speaking of puppies and the like, is it bad that this last episode of BH when Aidan is all playing with that little boy and my ovaries are near exploding I'm thinking of DAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW Davis would have made such a great dad? XD
Mar. 7th, 2011 06:58 pm (UTC)
Ya know I can actually follow the narrative in your vids. This is a bigger compliment than it sounds since I have trouble with most Hollywood flicks on first viewing.

(At the cinema watching Inception: 'So what level are we on? Is he a baddie? Did she dream that or did it happen? Is it, like, an alternate universe? Is that the guy from Third Rock From The Sun?'

OH: 'Please God make it stop.')

ALSO Something I saw today made me really think of you....

Chlavis to...chains and sticks may break my bones but chains a whips excite me....

Nggg... intended for a diff reply? Vanilla lady is still vanilla... Unless it's Davis getting tortured, literally or metaphorically, and you've done that beautifully.
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